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MindBridge and High Rock Accounting

High Rock Accounting was founded in 2014 by Liz Mason as a cloud-based accounting firm, focused on implementing new technologies, disrupting old school industries, and curating solutions to the unique needs of each client.

The Rockstar team at High Rock helps businesses succeed by utilizing cutting edge technology to provide accounting solutions that increase business efficiency and competitiveness. They serve as a trusted accounting partner who relieves clients from the stress of running back-office operations, so they have the time and energy to focus on growing their core business. High Rock’s goal is simple – enhance accounting operations, improve accuracy, and reduce costs.

Employing innovative technology-based solutions is at High Rock’s core, reducing the time needed to process accounting data and enhance financial reporting. In order for High Rock to maintain its competitive advantage, that innovation needs to be continuous, which is where MindBridge comes in.

Although High Rock does not do audit or assurance engagements, partnering with MindBridge, incorporating their AI tools for Risk Analysis and Pre-audit Reviews for their CFO engagements, was a no-brainer.

Founder Liz Mason is excited for High Rock Accounting to be part of Discover MindBridge, stating “We are always looking to partner and align ourselves with best-in-class technology. We have a shared vision for how AI specific technology can change the future of our profession for the better. MindBridge brings a level of technology that has previously been inaccessible for most internal accounting teams, and we are ecstatic to once again be riding the front wave of what’s coming.”

John Colthart

John Colthart

SVP, Solutions Insights