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Featured webinar

8 Ways that MindBridge Ai Auditor is revolutionizing financial auditing

Join us for a live broadcast and learn about eight core aspects of the Ai Auditor platform that are revolutionizing the audit industry, enabling more cost effective, faster, audits all while redefining the very definition of reasonable assurance.

Ai Auditor live demo series

Grab yourself a coffee and join us to learn about MindBridge Ai technology, the unparalleled assurance and value we bring to audit, followed by a live demonstration of our Ai Auditor platform.

Upcoming schedule:

MindBridge Ai Auditor for CPA Firms – The Evolution That Is A Revolution

Upcoming Events

Visit us at the DFK International Conference in Munich where where we’ll be presenting an Accounting & Assurance seminar, as well as a workshop on The Future of Audit.

July 11th – 13th, 2018


Join us at the Royal Ontario Museum where our CEO Eli Fathi will be speaking about AI Applications and machine learning technologies to uncover errors in financial data.

Sept 20th, 2018


Join us this fall at the DFK UK & Ireland Conference 2018 in Glasgow. Speaking sessions and workshops to be announced soon.

Sept 26th – 28th 2018


Visit us this fall at the BQBC AI Conference where we will talk about The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disruption.

Sept 30 – Oct 03 2018


Visit us this fall at the IIA Canada National Conference where we’ll be a part of panel discussions about The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disruption.

Sept 30th – Oct 3rd, 2018


Join us at The ONE Conference 2018, where MindBridge Ai VP of Growth John Colthart with be part of panel discussions on “How AI Makes CPAs Better”.

October 1st – 2nd, 2018


Past Events

Join us at the MACPA Beach Retreat in Ocean City, MD to learn more about about The Agile Auditor in the Age of Disruption.

June 28th – 29th 2018


On Demand Webinars

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Auditing

AI is helping of a number of professions, including auditors, deal with a changing landscape. Learn how the Ai Auditor platform leverages AI to provide faster, more highly assured audits than ever before.

How AI is Disrupting Audit and Introduction to Ai Auditor

Learn about the history of AI and why it is emerging now and how AI is currently disrupting audit, followed by a demonstration of the Ai Auditor platform.

Turbocharge your Year end Audits with AI

The end of the year is hectic, but preparing for your audit process pays huge dividends. Learn how to leverage AI to save time and provide greater assurance.