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Ready to navigate the future of audit? Join MindBridge in Toronto to explore ethical AI with our CTO, Robin Grosset.
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Ethics and AI Session

Robin Grosset, MindBridge, CTO

Robin Grosset, Chief Technology Officer, MindBridge

Join AI industry expert, Robin Grosset and his panel at the CPA Canada's Conference for Audit Committees and Corporate Governance

Session 4.6 Sharpened Focus: AI let’s your diverse data speak (December 6 at 11:00am EST)

Ethics is often an afterthought to new technology changes – we wish we had considered them earlier when we could do something about it. This panel will discuss the ethical implications of AI – to privacy, employment, bias, climate change, exploitation of customers and others – for companies already using AI and those new to the game. The focus will be on what questions directors should be asking now, and how to be better informed in understanding what implications and safeguards we should be discussing.