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Join industry leaders across the US to experience how AI is transforming audit

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are driving the next wave of emerging technologies that are sweeping the financial world. MindBridge Ai leads the industry with the first AI-powered auditing platform, augmenting human capacity to transform the capabilities of accounting organizations and bring greater transparency to the world’s economy.

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“AI is transforming the way auditors do business and the exponential pace of change is requiring CPAs to get up to speed quickly. This live, informative technology series presents a great opportunity for CPAs to learn about the benefits, implications, and opportunities of “AI in Finance and Accounting“ to set themselves up for a successful 2019 and beyond.”

Tom Hood, CPA, President & CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs

This exclusive nationwide series brings together accounting and technology leaders to discuss how AI is revolutionizing the audit practice and demonstrate how MindBridge Ai is better positioning firms to handle enormous amounts of financial data to deliver actionable insights and inspire confidence for their clients.

Who should attend

This exclusive event is designed for CPAs, auditors, technology leaders, and executives across the US to meet and share ideas about the future of AI in accounting.

Seating is extremely limited. RSVP today.

Why you should attend

AI is revolutionizing the financial world, and this is your opportunity to meet the accounting and technology champions who are making it happen. Along with guest experts, this event brings speakers from MindBridge Ai to share their story and advance your knowledge of what AI is and the advantages it gives.

Each event includes:


  • Cocktail reception
  • Presentation from MindBridge Ai
  • Guest speaker(s)
  • Q&A panel
  • Networking

Event details

Atlanta, November 19th

Venue: Atlanta – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 2-5pm

1175 Peachtree Street N.E.,
100 Colony Square, Suite 1700,
Atlanta, Georgia
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Seattle, November 27th

Venue: Seattle – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 2-5pm

1501 4th Ave, Suite 600,
Seattle, Washington
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San Francisco, November 28th

Venue: San Francisco – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 2-5pm

580 California Street, 14th Floor,
San Francisco, California
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Los Angeles, November 29th

Venue: Los Angeles – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 2-5pm

550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor,
Los Angeles, California
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Miami, December 3rd

Venue: Miami – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 3-6pm

200 South Biscayne Boulevard,
Suite 1600, Miami, Florida
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New York, December 7th

Venue: New York – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 2-5pm

466 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor,
New York, New York
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Washington, December 10th

Venue: Washington – Embassy of Canada
Time: 4-6:30pm

501 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.
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Chicago, December 11th

Venue: Chicago – Consulate General of Canada
Time: 4-7pm

Two Prudential Plaza, 180 North Stetson Avenue,
Suite 2400, Chicago, Illinois
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Highlights of the event

The “AI & the future of accounting series” is proudly brought to you by
MindBridge Ai and the Government of Canada.