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You are the future of audit, and it begins now.


May 12, 2020

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Explore the stories, strategies, and steps for effective change within your firm.

With the help of industry thought leaders, AI experts, and CPAs/CAs, we’re giving you the insights and tools necessary to adapt to the current climate and transform your firm.


Discover how others are implementing AI in their firms and ask them questions


Learn leading practices and tactics from transformation champions within firms


Gain real insights on the future of the profession from world-renowned thought leaders


Get inspired through the exploration of AI and industry trends for auditing and finance

  • Explore the impacts of COVID-19 on auditors
  • Listen to industry-spanning keynotes from Amy Vetter and Stacy Robin
  • Learn leading practices from the champions driving transformation, change, and innovation in their firms
  • Gain insights into responsible AI for accounting

Who should attend

Accounting firm leaders

  • Partners
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Associates

Accounting firm professionals

  • Individuals leading technology transformation conversations specific to audit and advisory within your firm
  • CPAs and CAs interested in using AI for audit

Corporate finance professionals

  • CFOs interested in using AI for financial data analysis
  • Controllers
  • Internal auditors


Alan Anderson

ACCOUNTability Plus

Chris Brown

Finance Transformation Consultant

Eli Fathi

CEO, MindBridge

Gillian Fischer

Director of Transformation, MindBridge

Jonathan Kraftchick

Partner – Innovation, Cherry Bekaert LLP

Stacy Robin

Catalyst for Growth

Amy Vetter

CEO, The B3 Method® Institute


Schedule (EST)

1:30-1:45 pm

Responsible AI for accounting in today’s landscape

speaker icon Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge

For years, it’s been critical for accounting leaders to understand responsible AI and the impacts of this transformative technology on industry and individuals. In the current climate, what can we do to embrace responsible AI effectively? Join Eli Fathi for an inspiring, data-driven talk on the three areas that industry leaders must understand for effective adaptation: The human challenges in AI, how AI redfines audit, and how firms can embrace change.

1:45-2:40 pm

Mindful Technology: Embracing Technology, Innovation and Mindfulness to Create Lasting Human Connections

speaker icon Amy Vetter, CEO, The B3 Method® Institute

Technology, such as cloud software, artificial intelligence and machine learning, is not the end of real human connection — it is just the beginning. When technology is set up in the right ways, we have more time to spend together collaborating and growing our businesses. The key is to implement and use technology in a thoughtful, ethical way so that we, along with our colleagues and employees, don’t become consumed and stressed by it. When implementing technology, we often spend the majority of our time on the technical skills around operating it. However, it’s just as important to spend an equal amount of time designing the guidelines around how we use it to communicate so that we’re not inadvertently creating additional work and stress, rather than less. The “Ultimate Gift of Technology” is to allow it to do the heavy lifting so you can dedicate more time developing collaborative and lasting relationships with your employees and clients. By doing so, you can become a more empathetic leader, incorporating technology practices in a mindful way and cultivate an engaged company culture that improves each person’s ability to communicate, innovate, and create.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Unlearn the routines of the past by embracing technology and learning how to take advantage of some of the latest developments that focus on connecting people in business and improving company culture;
  • Tap into self discovery and mindfulness techniques to design a client experience that will last and grow into the future; and,
  • Learn how to be more empathetic as a leader, by allowing technology to do the heavy lifting, by developing the soft skills necessary to create a more collaborative culture with your employees and be more engaged to their needs so you can get the best results possible from your team.

2:40-2:45 pm


2:45-3:15 pm

Redefining risk assessment for the COVID-19 landscape

speaker icon Alan Anderson, ACCOUNTability Plus

speaker icon Jonathan Kraftchick, Partner – Innovation, Cherry Bekaert LLP

speaker icon Chris Brown, Finance Transformation Consultant

This panel brings together a diverse group of industry leaders for a relevant conversation about navigating the current industry landscape. During this panel we will chat about how firms and clients are responding to recent world events, including adapting to changing needs, concerns and opportunities created by the COVID-19 crisis. We will also discuss the importance of understanding risk during this time and how firms can best prepare themselves to come out of the current crisis in the best position possible.

In the session, you will learn:

  • How industry leaders are addressing the current COVID-19 crisis; and strategies for a future post-COVID state
  • Changing needs from clients
  • Redefining risk as a key opportunity to support clients

3:15-3:20 pm


3:20-3:50 pm

Driving Innovation into your Business

speaker icon Stacy Robin

Join Stacy Robin in our closing keynote as she explores:

  • Building innovation in an accounting firm — what is it and how can we do it?
  • Connecting innovation to recovery, resilience, and growth strategies
  • Examples and lessons learned of how accounting firms are innovating today

Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how they can influence or inspire innovation in their own firms successfully.

3:50-4:00 pm

Closing remarks

speaker icon Gillian Fischer, Director of Transformation, MindBridge Ai

Join Gillian Fischer, Director of Transformation, as she recounts the key highlights of the day, reminds everyone of upcoming events, and addresses any final questions from participants.

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