MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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Unlock High Performance Business AI to Identify Risk

Key stakeholders, such as investors, creditors, shareholders, and board members, place significant importance on the effectiveness of existing internal controls to protect the businesses interests. The COSO framework is the most widely used framework for internal controls and MindBridge delivers impactful transaction risk insights that immediately help finance professionals, auditors, and internal controls teams strengthen

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Navigating AI: fundamentals, concepts and applications for accounting and finance – The motivating need for an AI-based approach

There is a motivating need for an AI-based approach to accounting and finance. AI-enabled finance can result in substantial improvement in accuracy and efficiency. So, how does that translate into ease of use and success for business professionals in internal audit and data analytics? Learn about the branches of AI and how MindBridge helps businesses

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How to lead audit and finance digital transformation using AI-powered transaction risk analytics

Imagine falling behind on the competitive and global acceleration of ongoing digital transformation. AI and ML transform people, processes, and technology, empowering finance, and accounting to make focused, data driven decisions. 64% of CFOs want audit executives to have greater risk knowledge to help the organization provide a timely risk response. Learn how MindBridge sets

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MindBridge Audit Approach

How AI-enabled audit methodology superpowers your team, leading to better quality in less time.  In the last decade, technology has altered the ways in which we work and live. From managing our money and connecting with family and friends to purchasing products and networking with new business contacts, we’re all doing things differently than we

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