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Ai Auditor

Ai Auditor benefits

The best possible outcome for your audits and financial risk assessments

Powered by machine learning and AI

AI and machine learning are at the very heart of Ai Auditor. While expert AI interrogates the data for anomalies, machine learning algorithms hum alongside looking for outliers in the data.

Rapid identification of risk

With a powerful and intuitive reporting interface, Ai Auditor empowers you to examine and compare risk across your entire data set, whether it be by account, by time, by user, vendor, or transaction. The visual drill-down functionality provides a beacon to explore the data at a more granular level, where detailed risk assessments and their explanations are just a click away.

Discover new insights

Ai Auditor encourages and facilitates data exploration like never before. The presentation of the analysis, bringing detailed risk ratings to life and the ability to save and share filters, feeds your understanding of what’s happening beneath the surface and extracts new insights.

100% data analysis

A wise man once said, “Sampling is a coping mechanism for dealing with large data.” Don’t leave risk assessment to chance, Ai Auditor analyzes your entire data set, and unlike any other solutions it examines full transactions, looking at the monetary flows between accounts, and all debits and credits. Oh, and we also provide a sleek sample-selector tool that helps you adhere to current processes, and to justify if required, precisely why those samples were selected.

Anomaly detection

Our analysis runs deep and is incredibly comprehensive. Stacked with traditional tests based on domain expertise and business rules, our analysis is also enhanced by statistical methods like regression and Benford’s Law, as well as numerous machine learning algorithms and AI seeded with expert knowledge.

Many techniques working together

Dozens of the most powerful risk-detection criteria on Earth, including expert-taught AI and machine learning algorithms, working together to analyze 100% of your data? That’s not some pipe dream for the future, that’s the combined power you have today with our Ensemble AI.