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AI for accounting is
right here, right now

100% data analysis Redefining reasonable assurance
Artificial intelligence for accounting isn’t a dream. With MindBridge Ai Auditor, firms around the world are transforming their practice to better understand data within client accounts, focus teams on the highest areas of risk, and gain the confidence to support their findings.

Ai Auditor works by your side to rapidly ingest data and augment your capacity to identify risk in financial transactions, such as misstatements in ledgers or undesirable trends over time.

Ai Auditor also helps firms shift to powerful advisory services by opening up insights into financial health and performance for CFO reporting and corporate transactions.

Ai Auditor has already delivered thousands of high-assurance engagements for hundreds of accounting firms around the world, including 40 of the US Top 100.

Why Ai Auditor?

Traditional computer-assisted audit tools (CAAT), robotic process automation (RPA), and spreadsheets have one thing in common. They’re limited in the amount of data they can ingest and understand, and they’re constrained by existing sampling techniques, statistical methods, and audit rules.

Driven by AI and machine learning, Ai Auditor identifies new types of risk, including all the existing rules, across the client’s entire data set. With results measured in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Ai Auditor gives you:

  • Risk-focused sampling vs. statistical or random sampling
  • Natural Language Processing to ask questions and explore data
  • Risk dashboards and categorization to understand your client’s financial health
  • Rapid data ingestion and account mapping, supporting popular ERPs
  • Human-centric, explainable controls and analysis
  • Proven adoption program to train, enable, and empower all auditors

Upcoming Ai Auditor live demos

Curious to see Ai Auditor in action, and learn how AI can help you perform more effective and thorough audits? Join a MindBridge product expert for an overview of how our technology is helping auditors and accountants around the world. The presentation will include a demonstration of Ai Auditor as well as a Q&A session where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


On-demand webinar: Top 3 ways AI helps you survive busy season


Join John Colthart, Senior VP, Sales, for an in-depth walkthrough of how MindBridge Ai Auditor performs the heavy lifting during the audit process to free up staff and reduce frustration and burnout.

“For the first time in 25 years, I knew I had a relevant sample”

Samantha Bowling
CPA, CGMA, Partner, Garbelman Winslow

Reduced journal entry testing time by over 90%.

Swapnali Mehta
Senior Manager, KNAV P.A.

Used Ai Auditor to uncover $2.8M in fraudulent transactions.

Gary Krausz
CPA/CFF, Gursey Schneider LLP

“The best way to find a needle in a haystack is to burn the haystack. MindBridge is the lighter.”

Jonathan Kraftchick, Managing Director of Training & Development — Audit & Assurance

Powered by machine learning and AI

Unlike the pretenders, AI and machine learning are at the very heart of Ai Auditor. While expert taught AI analysis interrogates the data for errors, machine learning algorithms hum alongside looking for outliers in the data. AI powered natural language search lets you query the data in mere seconds, instead of fighting to script antiquated manual tests.

100% data analysis

A wise man once said, “Sampling is a coping mechanism for dealing with large data.” Don’t leave risk assessment to chance, Ai Auditor analyzes your entire data set, and unlike any other solutions it examines full transactions, looking at the monetary flows between accounts, all credits and all debits. Oh, and we also provide a sleek sample-selector tool that helps you adhere to current processes, and to justify if required, precisely why those samples were selected.

Identify risk, in seconds

With a powerful and intuitive reporting interface, Ai Auditor empowers you to examine and compare risk assessments across the entirety your entire data, whether it be by account, by time, by user, vendor or transaction. The visually compelling drill down functionality provides a beacon to explore the data at a more granular level, where detailed risk assessments, and their explanations are just a click away.

Redefining reasonable assurance

Dozens of the most powerful risk-detection criteria on Earth, including expert taught AI and machine learning algorithms, working together to analyze 100% of your data, including all monetary flows between accounts? That’s not some pipe dream for the future, that’s MindBridge Ai Auditor today. Welcome to reasonable assurance, redefined.

Real customers, real stories

Fireside chat: Redefining reasonable assurance with AI in audit

While there is a lot of buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in audit right now, some forward-thinking firms have already been using it for some time. Join us as our Senior VP, Sales, John Colthart, chats with Tyler Crawford, Audit Manager at BMSS about using technology to raise the bar on reasonable assurance.

Accounting roundtable: How we used AI to grow advisory services

Join our industry panel of CPAs that have gone through the diligence and deployment of AI-based solutions to offer new advisory services to clients. From initial vendor research to launching their first AI-enhanced service, these industry leaders discuss the successes and challenges with adopting new technology and offer recommendations for other firms to get ahead of the curve.

A/B testing with MindBridge Ai customers has shown that errors are 20 to 900 times more likely to be uncovered with our AI testing components contributing to the analysis