MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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Where Errors End, and Accuracy Begins...

The future is now with MindBridge's advanced AI for financial oversight designed to detect anomalies with groundbreaking accuracy.

Experience our latest release for mid 2024.

Efficiently Detect Elusive Anomalies

Enhanced Error Detection

Expanded Testing Capabilities

Accelerated Onboarding

Minimizing Human Error Factor

  • Errors happen in financial data and can lead to economic losses, compliance issues, reduced credibility, operational disruptions, audit complications, and strategic missteps. 
  • Unusual Digit Transposition and Unusual Digit Combination are two new machine learning algorithms that help easily capture common accounting errors, just like that!
  • Start using MindBridge’s advanced algorithms today and enhance the accuracy of your financial reporting, safeguarding the business against potential risks and data inaccuracies. 

Agility in Setup. Depth in Discovery.

  • New account mapping functionality for more efficient engagement creation and faster onboarding. 
  • Improved filtering capabilities for the handling of more complex tests, supporting nuanced financial analysis. 
  • Expanded monetary tests with currency fields as an additional layer to support more precise analysis of multinational organizations. 

Strengthen your financial oversight

Improve operational efficiency with MindBridge’s expanded AI financial risk identification capabilities.

These MindBridge solutions and capabilities are available today. 

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