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SUMMER 2021For our second release of the year, we are continuing on the path of adaptability, flexibility, and customization for our customers. 

To that end, we’re introducing the MindBridge Data Validation Page, new trend and ratio graphs capabilities, more export options, and some usability improvements to top it off. 

MindBridge Data Validation page

Deeper insights for trend and ratio graphs

Man using MindBridge for review engagements in an office

New export capabilities and styling updates for reports

Introducing the MindBridge Data Validation Page

With the all new MindBridge Data Validation page, you’ll ensure that your data is uploaded and ingested the right way. Our platform analyzes your uploaded data, and provides recommendations for any required data transformation. 

You will clearly see any potential issues with your data at the earliest stage, saving you time and headaches.How this helps you:

  • Save time by finding issues with data faster
  • Solve issues quickly without the need for external support

Deeper insights for trend and ratio graphs

Granular understanding, clear communications: These are crucial to our customers, and to the vital work they do for their clients. With that in mind, we’ve made some improvements.

In our summer release, we’ve enhanced our trend and ratio graphs to make visualizing key relationships and performance indicators from data easier. Now, you can easily graph relevant data for targeted and impactful analysis and respond to procedures more holistically.How this helps you:

  • Visualize data at the lowest level of the chart of accounts to better understand key drivers 
  • Graph results more efficiently

New export capabilities and styling updates for reports

You’ll now be able to copy-to-clipboard the full content of MindBridge reporting, and paste the data into your file format of preference (for example, Microsoft Word or Excel). This added flexibility allows you to easily build impactful memos for your working paper file or results presentations for your client.How this helps you:

  • Editable reports for personalized client engagement and tailoring 
  • Standardization of platform output across your practice

Account scoping decisions linked to assertion risk scoring

Financial statement accounts scoped as insignificant to your engagement will not present risk results by assertion on the Audit Assertion Risk tab. This will enable you to focus on the summary results by assertion for the accounts that matter to you. 

Usability enhancements

  • Ability to easily reorder accounts within a Custom Account Grouping
  • Within the Account filter, you will now only see accounts for which there is activity in the periods being analyzed throughout the platform
  • During data ingestion, you can now go back to the column mapping step after reviewing the transaction preview details
  • Assertion risk scores are now nested under a global option within the Filter Builder, streamlining the number of selections available by default

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