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MindBridge is leveraging new advancements in machine learning and data science for near real-time data analytics, pattern recognition and anomaly detection to help organizations of all sizes save time and money whether it be investigating or auditing past activity, detecting active inadmissible behaviour or preventing potential transgression.

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Ottawa shines at Startup Canada gala

The following is a copy of this article published in The Ottawa Business Journal, written by David Sali An Ottawa-based company that uses groundbreaking laser technology to restore sight to people with impaired vision has been named the latest winner of the Startup...

Video: Lessons from Eli Fathi’s long career in Ottawa tech

The following is a copy of this article on Techopia. "This is the role of every CEO, and every individual in the community: You have to give back." Serial entrepreneur Eli Fathi has done it all in Ottawa tech. Over the course of his seven startups, Fathi has found...

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