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Artificial intelligence.
Real results.

MindBridge provides data-driven analytics with the most effective and highest quality insights, enabling your team to focus on critical business issues.

Ensemble AI includes Machine learning, statistical methods and traditional rules.

A connected effort for better results

Ensemble AI, our intelligent risk analysis solution is a sum of its parts. It isn’t just one method or algorithm, but many. Ensemble AI combines insights from several algorithms to produce a holistic, detailed risk assessment.

How does it really work?

MindBridge compares your data across 40 capabilities to identify the level of risk for 100% of transactions. We call these capabilities ‘control points’. The MindBridge control points help build an ensemble that is relevant to your data set.

What is unique about MB is the way we identify existing patterns in the general ledger or your data set. We use a variety of risk intelligence tests that are included in your ensemble and provide deeper data understanding at a granular level of detail you can’t get elsewhere. With Ensemble AI, we reduce the noise your organization spends too much time on, by surfacing results that can only be achieved by running each capability together.

MindBridge is designed for auditors to analyze entire volumes of data to surface patterns and connections between transactions, and across sub-ledgers and accounts. MindBridge delivers insights in a fraction of the time it takes to manually uncover risk using traditional methods and is flexible to work within your internal audit framework.

Screenshot of MindBridge's control points.

Built by financial professionals, for financial professionals

We know that all of the new and improved technology in the world can’t make up for a bad audit or client experience.

Our team of CPAs constantly test our product to make sure we meet your expectations, and give feedback to help us improve. On top of that, our Customer Advocacy Program captures consistent data to help our team deliver on our promises.

Finance-grade security

We keep pace with the latest data protection and cybersecurity practices to make sure that our AI auditing platform and solutions are resilient, compliant, and fully secure. MindBridge is certified SOC 2®, SOC 3® and complies with the American Institute of CPAs Security Organization Controls (SOC).