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New Release Expands Analyses Across the MindBridge Platform

Setting the Standard for Efficiency with AI-powered Anomaly Detection

Experience the power of MindBridge’s advanced AI technology for financial and operational data risk intelligence.

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New updates to enable more analysis depth and configurability

New and improved Transaction Risk Analytics control points

API for roll forward engagements and additional analysis types

Configurable rules for Transaction Risk Analytics products

Transforming Data to Intelligence in Minutes Across Transactional Data Sets

  • MindBridge has introduced a ‘New Vendor’ control point for our Transaction Risk Analytics products to help examine and surface unusual vendor patterns. In addition, a new ‘Reversal Pairs’ algorithm allows customization to detect, track and manage reversing entries.
  • The MindBridge API now offers the ability to roll forward engagements, as well as create the analysis type, and analysis source type for all analyses. This improves the speed to accurately identify and address anomalies. Use the API to deliver the power of MindBridge risk scores into your existing BI tools.
  • Transform raw data into actionable intelligence with configurable rules-based control points and set parameters as needed. Now available across all Transaction Risk Analytics products and can be applied to fields such as Customers, Vendors, Employees, Accounts and more.

Proficiency in Hours Not Months

  • Select an area of interest, grab a data set, and get insights within hours. 
  • Easy and intuitive to use for Finance and Accounting professionals.
  • See it in action. Watch this video.

Strengthen your financial oversight

Improve operational efficiency with MindBridge’s expanded AI finance risk identification capabilities.

These MindBridge solutions and capabilities are available today. Read the release notes here.

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