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Beyond the buzzwords: How AI delivers tangible ROI for finance and audit

Explore how AI in finance delivers tangible ROI at the Gartner CFO & Finance Conference with MindBridge AI. Join CFO Matthias Steinberg for insights on AI-powered financial oversight and the future of finance management.


A Message from MindBridge CFO, Matthias Steinberg 

As CFOs, it is our mandate to embrace and deploy technology to constantly drive quality, speed, and impact of what we do, while maintaining high standards. It is also in our nature to take a sober look at what technology can deliver. ROI, time to value and risks need to be quantifiable and convincing. AI is no exception, and while generative AI has made a big impact in text-based applications it is not built for and effective in the realm of numerical data such as financial ledgers. 

This year, I am thrilled to represent MindBridge at the upcoming Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference, where we will showcase advancements in the realm of autonomous finance. 

MindBridge has been building artificial intelligence for financial data since 2015. Our participation at the Gartner CFO Conference is more than just an opportunity to showcase how we are driving strong ROI today using AI based technology; it’s a platform to lead and shape the future of financial oversight. 

Imagine a new standard in financial governance where every decision is underpinned by continuous, AI-powered risk analytics. This approach is essential as enterprises move rapidly towards AI-enhanced operations, where traditional methods no longer suffice. At Gartner, we will demonstrate how MindBridge AI makes this a reality.  

Our session, “Polaris AI-powered Controls: A Proactive Approach to Financial Oversight,” features insights from industry experts Chris Swanson, Manager of Internal Audit Data Solutions at Polaris, and Robin Grosset, our Chief Innovation & Technology Officer. Together, they will showcase how our collaboration with Polaris is transforming financial management with cutting-edge AI technology. 

Join us on May 20th at 13:15 EDT in Theater 1, Prince George’s Hall, and step into a new era of financial management. Our interactive session will not only enlighten but also inspire you to reimagine what’s possible in your financial operations. 

The path to autonomous finance is a collective journey. At MindBridge, we value strong partnerships that drive innovation and excellence in finance. I encourage you to connect with us at the conference to discuss how we can support your strategic goals. Let’s explore how MindBridge can tailor solutions to your business needs.

Stay updated with our journey to the Gartner CFO Conference — follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for real-time insights and expert perspectives. 

I look forward to collaborating on the future of finance with you in National Harbor, MD. 

Best regards, 
Matthias Steinberg 
CFO, MindBridge AI 

Matthias Steinberg

About the author: Matthias Steinberg is CFO of, a leader in AI driven financial risk discovery. Previously he was CFO of, Europe’s largest mass market hosting provider where he oversaw a multi-year effort to ready the company for its IPO. In the process, he developed an interest in AI technologies to transform risk management and assurance in the Enterprise.