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Your path to success with MindBridge

Our adoption process helps you move from the initial onboarding stages through to company-wide adoption and beyond.

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From onboarding to experiencing the value of AI

At every step, our team will be on hand to share knowledge and offer guidance on how to reach your objectives faster and get the most value from your investment.


Kick-off and onboarding

Working with a Customer Success Manager (CSM), you'll get set up to deploy and use MindBridge. Together, we'll discuss the specifics of your organization and help you build an action plan.

Introductory training

Your CSM will help design an education plan that directs you to the most valuable training resources in MindBridge Academy. From there, you can learn best practices and explore the ins and outs of the platform at your own pace.
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Initial data ingestion

For your first engagement, our team will help you import your client data into MindBridge. We’ll also set up any custom filters that will be valuable to your specific project and objectives.
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First engagement success

Now you’re ready to get your hands on the platform. With support from your CSM, you’ll begin diving into the financial data and get a first-hand look at all the insights derived from MindBridge.
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Next-level strategy

With a successful engagement behind you, you’re ready to think about what’s next. You’ll regroup with your CSM and plan the next steps for broader adoption and enablement.
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Going further with MindBridge

Getting the most value from the MindBridge platform requires a long-term plan. But it’s not one you need to navigate alone. Through our MindBridge Edge customer success program, you’ll get access to various training and support resources including a CSM. With their ongoing assistance, you can address challenges or questions, enhance system performance, and pave the way for a smoother adoption of MindBridge across your organization.

Execute data and change strategies

Success with MindBridge hinges on strong leadership and a solid data strategy. Work with us to foster buy-in from top-level executives and design a data strategy that works for your business, clients, and processes.

Facilitate AI-enriched methodology

Building a data-driven audit approach with new tools isn’t always straightforward. Connect your quality control team with our internal CPAs to explore leading practices and better understand where you can embed AI technology into your processes.

Achieve firm-wide enablement

From ongoing learning and communication to detailed protocols and user guides, there’s a lot to consider in becoming tech-centric. Lean on our team for help in empowering your firm with AI.

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