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Keeping your data secure, always

Cybersecurity is built into everything we do. We combine enterprise-class security features with stringent audits to meet cybersecurity and privacy regulations.  

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Certified to meet industry standards

AICPA SOC-certified seal

MindBridge complies with the American Institute of CPAs Security Organization Controls (SOC) and is certified SOC 2 ®.


MindBridge’s certification for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 was issued by A-LIGN, an independent and accredited certification body, on successful completion of a formal audit process.


Our independent third-party auditor, A-LIGN Compliance and Security, maintains its ISO 27001 accreditation from the ANAB.


Algorithm assurance performed by world leading experts in AI methods, algorithm safety and robustness.
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Get more layers of protection with MindBridge

MindBridge was created with cybersecurity and privacy at its core.

We keep pace with the latest data protection practices to make sure that our AI auditing software is resilient, compliant, and fully secure.

MindBridge is hosted on fully redundant cloud infrastructure that provides the highest level of protection from both a physical and cybersecurity standpoint.

MindBridge allows users to set privileges and enable multiple forms of authentication to protect client data.

MindBridge offers built-in end-to-end encryptions that secure connections between our customers, our service, and our support.

Work with a partner you can trust

Good cyber hygiene is an ongoing risk mitigation process that requires strong partnerships with organizations that you can trust. 

Here’s what we’re doing to earn it:

Reliability and integrity

Multiple layers of security and redundancy controls are built into our platform to keep your system up, running, and safe from threats.

Transparency and openness

We share information on any emerging threats, and provide recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Proactive risk mitigation

We address potential vulnerabilities before they happen. Certified third-parties regularly penetration-test our software.

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Regarding the Apache log4j vulnerability

MindBridge is aware of and has investigated the recent vulnerabilities in the log4j-core component. At this time we are confident our products are not impacted and we are continuing to reach out to vendors and sub-processors to confirm they have taken measures to protect themselves.

For more information, please read our full response here.