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University Alliance Program

Adopted by over 100 universities and colleges across the world, the MindBridge University Program is enabling future accountants and auditors with better methodologies and tools for a successful career.

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Available course material

With this program, material is provided to introduce the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence to your students. Hands-on case study based exercises are also provided.

The course material is designed to be flexible, taking your needs and that of your class into consideration.

Typically the provided material requires 1 to 4 hours of time.

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Enabling the accountants and auditors of tomorrow

The MindBridge University Alliance Program provides academics and their students with free access to MindBridge Ai Auditor and a number of case studies to get them started.

Over 150 professors and 4,000 students have benefited from this program since launch in late 2017.

Program benefits:

Speaker at lecture

Optional in-person instruction from a MindBridge speaker

At a moderate cost, a MindBridge representative would be happy to come and talk to your class in person.

For more information, or to register for the MindBridge University Alliance Program, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Case study

How Maastricht University prepares accounting students for the future of AI

Learn how MindBridge was incorporated into Maastricht University’s bachelor auditing and fraud detection course and how students responded to using real AI technology in the classroom.