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MindBridge CEO Stephen DeWitt at IIA GAM

A message from MindBridge CEO Stephen DeWitt

I’ve been a perpetual entrepreneur my entire career. 40 years now. I have worked with brilliant technologists at moments of fundamental change. Now, just a few weeks into my tenure as CEO at MindBridge, I’m set to attend my first major event with the team: IIA GAM Conference, March 11-13, 2024, in Las Vegas, NV. This event marks a critical juncture for the auditing profession, aligning perfectly with our mission to support audit and finance professionals with scalable, transparent, and accurate financial risk intelligence using AI. 

MindBridge’s journey is one I’ve admired for its bold strides in AI-driven financial risk intelligence. Our participation in the IIA GAM Conference is a testament to our commitment to leading the charge in leveraging AI to empower financial professionals.  

Imagine not having AI capabilities in your finance operations in the coming year. It’s at IIA GAM that we will showcase the transformative power of AI in elevating Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (AiCFR™), offering unprecedented efficiency and insight for the three lines of defense. 

In my first weeks at MindBridge, I’ve quickly seen that our AI technology isn’t just reshaping the audit and finance sector—it’s spearheading a pivotal shift towards greater accuracy, deeper insights, and unprecedented efficiency. This is far from a fleeting trend; it’s the future. With MindBridge actively driving this transformation, our technology, team, and vision are leading the charge to elevate the audit and finance function across industries and our valued customers, making our contributions not only necessary but indispensable. 

At IIA GAM 2024, I look forward to connecting with you at booth #235. Our technology simplifies complex challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth and advancement. I’m eager to discuss how we can elevate your internal audit function and prepare you for the future, today. 

Stay connected with me on LinkedIn for updates and insights as we drive the future of auditing forward with MindBridge. If you’re attending IIA GAM, I encourage you to reach out for a meeting — let’s discuss how we can transform auditing together. 

Looking forward to our conversations in Las Vegas. 



Stephen DeWitt 

CEO, MindBridge Analytics