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CFO using mindbridge risk analytics to find embedded leases
Webinar Recaps

Explainable AI and audit: transparency & trust

MindBridge’s Chief Technology Officer, Robin Grosset, and VP of Analytics and Data Science, Rachel Kirkham, hosted a virtual webinar on “Explainable AI, transparency, and trust.” The main focus of this webinar was to explore how business and audit professionals can rely on AI-produced data analytics results to make better decisions.

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Product releases

MindBridge launches new advancements with its latest release in 2022

Leading next-generation data anomaly and risk detection for financial data. Read more in the Press Release published here. While it’s true that there’s nothing more constant than change, in today’s financial markets, this piece of wisdom could not be more accurate. With the growing volumes of data, increasing complexities of multinationals, and the ongoing march

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