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What’s the big deal about the MindBridge Ai Auditor™?

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I was enjoying a long successful career of 19 years in the business intelligence and the fintech industry when I met Eli Fathi, CEO of MindBridge Analytics Inc. This is when he introduced me to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), ‘Report to the Nation’s’ report.

On page 21 looking at detection methods I could not believe that analytics wasn’t really listed and even being generous it was less than 5% of all cases found. As a veteran of the business intelligence and FinTech industry, I was both startled and amazed. Startled that the problem was that large and amazed at the opportunity for MindBridge™ Ai, a company that is willing and able to address this problem by using the latest in learning machine AI technologies on a purpose-built software platform. In addition to the opportunity, it was also the conviction and the commitment of the team, that moved me.

I came to MindBridge Ai to help remove errors and misstatements from financials — period. I felt we could do more to help the Accounting and Finance professionals that I’ve worked with for more than 15 years.

After seeing the MindBridge Ai flagship product — its’ Ai Auditor™ — a world’s first artificial intelligence powered audit analytics software, I thought of my friend Mike. Mike isn’t really his name but the name of any number of the hundreds of the accountants, auditors and finance professionals I’ve met over time. The ‘Mike’s’ I have met, work long hours, spend their valuable time in low cognitive tasks like sifting through volumes of financial transactions and want a better way to conduct audits, while still being rigorous in their approach. This is where MindBridge Ai comes to their rescue because we aim to:

  • Optimize processes and reduce time in mundane tasks — Increased Efficiency
  • Increase their confidence in the figures, processes, and control — Higher Assurance
  • Provide value-added capabilities and services to their organization and clients — Greater Value.

…and do all of this with less staff and reduced pressures!

Knowing we solve these pains I wondered how to best convey them out to the market. In the end, I decided we needed to give ‘Mike’ a voice to share his pains and communicate how we relieve those pains with the MindBridge Ai Auditor™.

Let’s help all the Mikes out there to balance their time and provide higher assurance in their audits.