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Our Brand

The guidelines that follow will help you correctly make use of our brand.

Our Logo

The MindBridge logo lives in two colourways; Blue MindBridge wordmark without an icon outline, and white MindBridge wordmark with white icon outline.

This is the main MindBridge logo. It should be used on light backgrounds.

Inverted Logo

This version with the white wordmark and white icon outline should be used on dark or busy backgrounds.

Our glyph

The MindBridge logo stripped of the wordmark.
Glyph Usage

We encourage you to use the primary logo whenever possible. However, in certain situations where space is very tight, for instance, when the logo has to be within a square or circle shape, the use of the glyph is allowed.

Our colours

The MindBridge Blue is bright and bold and is used to convey innovation and technology. MindBridge Indigo is a rich dark blue that conveys authority, dignity, security and trust. MindBridge Mist and Charcoal are greys that convey neutrality and unbiasedness. These colours come together and embody our core values.

MindBridge Blue

Web: #32A0FF

RGB: 50 / 160 / 255

CMYK: 85 / 21 / 0 / 0

Pantone 2925 C

MindBridge Indigo

Web: #102058

RGB: 16 / 32 / 88

CMYK: 100 / 80 / 5 / 38

Pantone 281 C

MindBridge Mist

Web: #F3F3F4

RGB: 243 / 243 / 244

CMYK: 3 / 2 / 2 / 0

Pantone Cool Gray 1 C

MindBridge Charcoal

Web: #333333

RGB: 51 /51 / 51

CMYK: 69 / 63 / 62 / 58

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C

Monotone logos

We love our main logo, so that should always be used if possible. These can be used as a substitute, only when absolutely necessary.
Monotone black
When is it acceptable to use the monotone logo?

green-check When color is not an option or is too expensive to print
green-check Embroidered labels on apparel (mugs, shirts, pens etc…)
green-check On top of busy photography when the reversed logo simply doesn’t work
green-check When you have a bunch of logos bundled up together and want a clean monotone look

Monotone white

Spacing Rules

Our logo works best when it has enough room to breathe. Follow these simple rules to make sure it’s shown in its best light.
Logo spacing

The area of isolation uses the height of the MindBridge “M” when the wordmark is present.

Glyph spacing

When using the MindBridge glyph, It’s best to have at least one glyph at 25% the size around it.

Do’s & don’ts

Please take a moment to think about how you apply the MindBridge logo.
green-check Do use the primary logo on a clean, light background.
green-check Do use the reversed logo on a dark background.
red-x Don’t use the primary logo on a dark background.
red-x Don’t use the wordmark on its own.
red-x Don’t squish or stretch our logo.
red-x Don’t tilt our logo.
red-x Don’t stack our logo.
red-x Don’t use our logo on low-contrast backgrounds.