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Announcing The Future Of Audit

KPMG + MindBridge

MindBridge, the world's leading AI powered financial risk discovery platform, and KPMG, a global leader in audit, tax, and advisory services, have formed a strategic alliance with the aim of further enhancing digital audit.

KPMG is infusing the power of AI into its smart audit platform, KPMG Clara, to improve anomaly detection in digital audits. MindBridge is helping to identify unexpected and high-risk transactions for KPMG firms, enabling improved quality for their clients.

MindBridge AI powers KPMG audits

KPMG’s smart audit platform, KPMG Clara, uses MindBridge’s advanced statistical, machine learning, and rules-based analytics technology to bring the power of AI into KPMG firms’ audits.

Founded in 2015, MindBridge has been helping thousands of customers as a leader in AI technology transformation and innovation across small to large accounting firms, and corporate finance teams. Deploying MindBridge within KPMG will enable more efficient and more granular analysis of transactions, effectively focusing the audit on relevant riskier transactions and helping to improve audit quality.

Robin Grosset

Robin Grosset

Chief Technology Officer of MindBridge

“Our platform provides comprehensive and thorough analysis of massive financial datasets for both audit and corporate finance teams, identifying transaction-level risks and setting the new standard for cohesive data science and AI-led auditing capabilities.”

Innovation at KPMG

By forming a strategic alliance with MindBridge, KPMG firms continue their collective commitment to transform the audit by harnessing the power of technology to provide higher quality and transparent results.

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Commitment to next-gen auditors

MindBridge is proud to be supporting the professional growth of KPMG member firms in 145 countries and territories with more than 236,000 partners and employees including a global audit practice of over 80,000 auditors.

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Advancements in digital technology

MindBridge allows for faster and more granular analysis of transactions, effectively focusing the audit on relevant riskier aspects of the business. This helps to improve audit quality as part of KPMG’s smart audit technology stack on the KPMG Clara platform.

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Complements agility and critical thinking

MindBridge’s cloud-based AI, advanced statistical, machine learning, and rules-based analytics technology, combined with KPMG Clara helps augment an auditor’s professional judgment. Together KPMG and MindBridge help strengthen a business’s internal control framework, audit procedures, and workflows.

Helping KPMG clients

According to the 2022 KPMG US authored CFO Agenda for Elevating Finance report, 68% of CFOs are investing in digital transformation over the next 12 months to advance their business strategy. Using MindBridge, KPMG professionals will have more time to focus on what matters while advancing digital transformation alongside their clients needs and expectations.

KPMG’s smart and intuitive audit technology platform, KPMG Clara, is designed to drive globally consistent audit execution across KPMG firms. KPMG Clara uses MindBridge’s technology, with the aim of further enhancing KPMG firms’ audit quality and organizational insights. KPMG is focused on continuous innovation to serve the public interest and bring additional value to clients by leveraging the transformative capabilities of evolving technologies.

Sebastian Stöckle

Global Head of Audit Innovation, KPMG

“Our alliance with MindBridge will bring increased levels of AI into KPMG Clara, allowing for improved risk identification, helping in the continued delivery of higher quality audits by combining KPMG member firm’s in-depth industry experience and MindBridge’s advanced techniques.”

MindBridge can transform your business

MindBridge AI helps audit and financial professionals to detect risk and unusual activity across every industry.