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MindBridge Q2 2023 release

Unveil new depths of risk analysis

Experience the power of MindBridge’s enhanced AI technology in your financial data interpretation and risk analysis.
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Navigate your financial landscape with enhanced precision

  • Reclaim your focus with precision data analysis tools
  • Unearth deeper risks and anomalies before they escalate
  • Boost financial transparency for all stakeholders
MindBridge is proud to offer a growing collection of templates that enable risk detection of operational and sub-ledger data, including our newly introduced Charge Card Analysis. MindBridge’s Risk Ranges and API updates further refine risk scores, driving targeted responses to AI-based decisions. Now you can precisely adjust ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, and ‘High’ risk bands, and enjoy more efficient data importing, analysis, and exporting, promoting swift, effective action on your insights.

Refining results with Transaction Tagging

Our standout feature, Transaction Tagging, provides precise identification and marking of data subsets within your General Ledger for a more focused risk view. This tool elevates efficiency when analyzing large transaction datasets, allowing the isolation of high-risk areas and regular reviews to catch unexpected anomalies.

Investigating risky segments with the risk summary view

Understand which area of your business is driving risk with Risk Segmentation. Highlight the segments that need investigation next with the ability to breakdown the risk indicators and visually inspect the segment’s transactions.

Mitigating key risks with Charge Card Analysis

Manage and scrutinize charge cards with our specifically designed template to analyze and mitigate risks associated with charge cards. This feature enhances your overall risk management process.

Building nuance with Custom Control Points

Custom Control Points enable you to construct your own control points based on business rules, ensuring threats unique to your business and industry don’t go unnoticed.

Strengthen your financial oversight

Improve operational efficiency with MindBridge’s expanded AI suite of risk identification capabilities.

All of these MindBridge capabilities are available today. Read the release notes here. Interested in seeing how MindBridge can shape your future of fintech? Let’s talk.