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Learn how AI improves your judgement of assertion risk

Now is the most challenging time in history for auditors to conduct an effective audit. With increasing opportunities for fraud, new challenges presented by COVID-19, and stricter public scrutiny, it’s time to rethink the framework for how material misstatements are judged.

Join this panel of expert accountants for a deep-dive discussion into today’s challenges with measuring assertion-based risk and strategies for how technology better supports human judgement.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why data science and statistics improve risk assessment
  • How AI helps deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • How individuals, firms, and regulators must work together to do better

You will walk away with a better understanding of how to evolve planning and conducting audits using AI.

Who should attend:

  1. MindBridge Ai Auditor users who are analyzing financial data
  2. Auditors interested in using AI for audit

Adam Massia is the lead, audit and assurance at MindBridge Ai, helping clients improve audit effectiveness and efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence.

An enthusiastic professional with experience in both large and medium-size public accounting practices, Adam has worked with private and public for-profit entities, and clients in the non-profit sector. Adam is actively involved in the education and development of accountants, and currently instructs and develops courses at the collegiate level.Rachel is responsible for the delivery of tailored solutions and services for the European market. Prior to joining MindBridge, Rachel was the Head of Data Analytics Research at the UK National Audit Office, leading a team of data scientists and analysts in developing unique data analytics capabilities for financial audit.

For over 12 years, Rachel has bridged the gap between deep data analytics and complex market requirements, developing applications and visualizations that solve real problems in auditing and finance. As a passionate champion for the positive influence of women in technology, Rachel is a founding member of R-Ladies Global and often speaks on the importance of diversity in STEM. Rachel is an ACA-qualified chartered accountant and subject matter expert for the institute.Professional accountant with an extensive public accounting background across multiple industries (technology, real estate, manufacturing) and reporting frameworks, as well as experience in leading and evolving the Finance function for a technology scale-up. Fast learner and effective communicator with a proven ability to manage people and projects.Michael is the western sales representative and resident CPA for MindBridge based out of Los Angeles, California. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s in Accounting, Michael spent 4 years in public accounting before making the switch to MindBridge. Michael joined MindBridge with the goal of educating and leading accounting firms into the future by helping them implement new technologies such as artificial intelligence.Stuart helps finance professionals embrace data-driven decision making through AI. He believes that exploring the ways that machine learning and data analysis can lead to assurance. He supports cultivating the right set of skills so that auditors can offer more.

Future of audit: 5 accountants speak on transforming assertion-based testing