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5 ways AI empowers finance leaders of the future

Learn how AI fits into your record to report processes

The Office of the CFO has a tough job. As financial data grows in size and complexity, finance departments must evolve to understand new types of patterns, identify deviations in the business, and prioritize team resources on the highest areas of risk.

Watch this webinar to learn how artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise risk management into a future-focused function that puts data first. Structured around the record to report process, you will see real examples of how AI-based adaptive anomaly detection accelerates risk identification, eliminates number crunching, and helps your finance team address the right risks.

Corporate finance teams spend 80% of their time manually gathering, verifying, and consolidating data, leaving only 20% for analysis and decision making – Adaptive Insights

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AI and machine learning identify risk in financial transactions
  • Why adaptive anomaly detection improves your operations
  • The benefits of AI for controllers, internal auditors, and CFOs

You will walk away prepared to make a decision on whether AI is right for your enterprise financial risk management.

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5 ways AI empowers finance leaders of the future

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