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We help audit and finance professionals automate analysis of every transaction and focus on unusual activity.


Audit and assurance


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MindBridge and KPMG are transforming audits with artificial intelligence and anomaly detection
2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Emerging Technologies in Finance
MindBridge AI recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Emerging Technologies in Finance

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Why identifying unusual financial transactions

With changing economic factors and the increased need to identify risk earlier, advanced financial oversight helps strengthen controls and improve decision making.

Assess control environment

MindBridge's detective controls identify anomalies regardless of your control environment and will uncover risk that would otherwise be undetected.

Risk-driven prioritization

Improve your business risk culture with leading anomaly detection technology. MindBridge helps financial professionals avoid compliance and reputation failures through greater transparency of risk.

Performance oversight

MindBridge searches for unusual activity across 100% of your general ledger as well as other large financial data repositories, laying the foundation for a stronger approach to risk mitigation.

Organizational alignment

MindBridge provides insights for forward thinking discussions that support your professional judgment. Inform key stakeholders while ensuring ownership and delegation of top risks.

How MindBridge works

By accountants, for accountants

Accounting is the beating heart of MindBridge. We have “Most Powerful” CPA honorees, internal audit consultants, and experienced governmental auditors along with other accounting professionals ensuring our tools don’t require advanced analytics skills to realize value – MindBridge is familiar to all accountants and easy to use.

Control groups and risk scores
Control groups and risk scores

Behind-the-scenes, MindBridge is an incredibly sophisticated mix of machine learning, rules-based analytics, and statistical methods. This ensures anomalous transactions lurking within your financial systems can be detected and investigated quickly and efficiently. We handle the data science and empower your teams with results.

Scalable cloud infrastructure
Scalable cloud infrastructure

MindBridge has analyzed over fifty-five billion (with a B!) financial transactions and counting. MindBridge can ingest, store, analyze, and report on gigantic data sets from hundreds of different ERPs. MindBridge accelerates your digital transformation with scalable analytics.

Industry-certified transparency
Industry-certified technology

MindBridge continues to lead the way in external validation of AI technology. MindBridge completed the world-first algorithm audit from Holistic AI certifying our algorithms as unbiased, safe, and explainable. MindBridge holds multiple ISO certifications, and SOC2 Type 2 accreditation which includes all 5 Trust Service Criteria, so, you can have confidence your data is safe, secure, and appropriately managed.

Built to enable your team

Our on-boarding process moves you from the initial startup stages to company-wide adoption. MindBridge can deliver powerful results out-of-the-box and offers extensive reconfigurability for organizations that need it.

Customer stories

Discover why the world’s top finance professionals choose MindBridge.

Customer story
By partnering with MindBridge AI for advanced transaction and risk analysis, KPMG is leveraging artificial intelligence to transform audits. This strategic move highlights KPMG’s dedication to innovative data analysis and MindBridge’s role as innovators in the auditing and finance sector.
Customer story
Align Technology is a global medical device company that engineers clear teeth aligners, intraoral scanners, and develops dental CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.
Customer story
Chevron, one of the world’s largest companies, provides a wide variety of energy products and focuses on a sustainable and renewable future.

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