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A global leader in financial risk discovery and anomaly detection

We help financial professionals access better ways of working by identifying, surfacing, and analyzing risk across broad financial datasets.

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Enterprise & Internal Audit 

  • Manage risk and strengthen compliance
  • Increase trust in financial reporting
  • Enhance accuracy across business-critical data
  • AI-powered and unbiased assessments

Audit & Assurance

  • Improve the effectiveness of your audits
  • More effective audits with quantifiable risk assessment
  • Strengthen audit confidence & risk assessment compliance
  • Deeper client relationships by offering valuable insights

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Our adoption process helps you move from the initial onboarding stages through to company-wide adoption and beyond. At every step, our team will be on hand to share knowledge and offer guidance on how to reach your objectives faster and get the most value from your investment in our platform.

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Period-over-Period Changes

Greater insights into changes in the organization or accounts, including new or discontinued activities in the current and most recent prior year.

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Detect Anomalies

100x more likely to identify errors and fraud than with rules-only data analytics methods, let alone traditional sampling methods. 

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Custom Reports

Ability to build reports from the system including a summary of transactional risk, planning analytics, and significant account reports. Giving the flexibility to create as many uniquely built reports for your working paper solutions as needed.

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Efficient Task Management

Unlock better ways of working and free yourself from repetitive time-consuming tasks.

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