AI-powered anomaly and risk detection

Experience the next generation of risk detection

Let MindBridge’s AI-powered platform create an unparalleled view of risk across each and every transaction. Designed for audit and business users. No coding required. Fits into your analysis workflow. We can show you in minutes.

World-recognized technology trusted by over 20,000 auditors to next-level how they work:
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Find the unknown needles in the haystack

Surface patterns and connections between transactions and across sub-ledgers and accounts. Narrow in on errors 100x more effectively than spreadsheets or legacy rules-based data analytics tools.

Templated solutions including general ledger, payables, receivables, vendor analysis, revenue, and even custom data sets allow quick time to value with analysis of your data in an easy to understand, risk-focused manner that you can operationalize.

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Understand risks earlier and with deeper accuracy

Power your finance and internal audit teams with faster and more enriched data results to stay ahead of known and unknow risk.

No other solution analyzes your data using artificial intelligence along with statistics and rules in parallel with full drill-down and explainability capabilities for the best in transparent AI.

Analyze 100% of transactions and your risk landscape using combinations of MindBridge’s 45+ control points for incredible results.


Unlock more time for judgement, and accelerate

Power your audit and assurance teams with the AI learnings of +85 billion transactional reviews and counting from MindBridge, in just a few clicks.

MindBridge runs advanced tests automatically to evaluate if there are transactions bypassing controls and helps improve your client’s control environment.

Save time during audits, and redirect those savings to ask more insightful questions before and during an audit.

Designed for internal and external auditors


Stay ahead of regulators and competitors

MindBridge engages with regulators around the world and is built with future standards like SAS142 & ISA315 in mind.


Quick to learn. Easy to use.

Become trained in just hours, from no-knowledge to proficiency. Load from any ERP, and navigate results within seconds.

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Super-charge your best staff

Offer top talent with new capabilities, progressive technology, CPE credit courses, and self-guided education, all provided by MindBridge.

Does MindBridge fuel tangible value?

Crowe MacKay LLP

“During expense testing in a client audit, the Ai Auditor platform had flagged a $1.67 transaction on the high-end of moderate risk, and that caught our auditors’ attention. We later discovered that the client had accidentally overpaid a supplier by $60,000. We would have never known if it wasn’t for MindBridge”

Cherry Bekaert

“Performing…procedures in MindBridge has saved us a ton of time on revenue testing by helping to reduce our sample sizes. It’s also saved us time on journal entry testing.”


" Leading-edge tools like MindBridge make the responsibilities of practitioners easier today. "

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SCG Chartered Accountants

" We do not have the resources to develop AI, and building a larger data team is resource-intensive. Tools like MindBridge give us what we need to be competitive and efficient. MindBridge is easy to pick up and run with. The whole team can use the tool. "

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