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Michael Manning

Executive Director, Global Marketing

Michael Manning
Michael Manning is a marketing leader, company culture champion, as well as an expert on resilience. Working as the new Executive Director of Global Marketing at MindBridge; and single mom of two, this marathon finisher unleashes her creativity in the kitchen and with pen and paper, as a poet. As a go-to-market innovator with a track record of successfully defining and implementing strategies in high-growth companies for well over a decade she leads the way by creating high-trust, high-performance environment that enables her teams to achieve their best. Blending her curiosity of being analytical, data-driven, and my natural creativity, her knack for being the pit boss and a promoter, the driver and a member of the pit crew — drives her love of strategizing, planning, digging into the work, and having fun while doing it.

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.