MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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Identify and manage complex market, regulatory, and operational risk

Three swirls, going from small to large, similar to evolution

Strengthen risk assessment

Test 100% of data to strengthen internal audits and vet customers’ quality of earnings before engaging in banking services and loans.

Ensure higher levels of compliance

Better understand dubious patterns in loan application processes, bankruptcy filings, or payment transactions to boost internal and external compliance.

Increase operational performance

Identify branches and employees failing to make appropriate decisions and address issues to reduce risks and enhance customer satisfaction.

A trusted partner for financial institutions across the globe

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“The MindBridge platform was able to identify known abnormalities as well as previously unknown and undetected transactional attributes and patterns, giving us a new perspective on our clients’ activities.”
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“The MindBridge platform demonstrated it can usefully detect anomalies in data sets. Its user interface is intuitive and presents the data visually, allowing the user to explore a time series of each variable, whilst comparing the result to the industry average. The Bank was able to load the MindBridge applications securely into a ring-fenced environment within Bank infrastructure to maintain the confidentiality of stakeholders data.”

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