Gilbert Associates Inc. Adopts MindBridge Ai Auditor™

Sacramento, CA, January 3, 2018  – Gilbert Associates Inc., a full-service certified public accountant (CPA) firm has adopted the MindBridge Ai Auditor™, an audit analytics software platform that maximizes audit assurance through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Gilbert Associates has served Sacramento-area organizations since 1984 and is a proud member of Allinial Global, an accounting firm association serving over 120 independent accounting and consulting firms worldwide. Gilbert Associates was recently selected as the recipient of California CPA Society’s 2017 Firm Public Service Award, awarded for their dedication to community and public service in the Sacramento region.

The MindBridge Ai Auditor™ is an analytics solution for accounting professionals that utilizes artificial intelligence, combined with conventional tests to uncover errors and anomalous patterns of activities across the full financial dataset. MindBridge makes the audit process faster, more accurate and complete. This results in a higher assurance that exceeds industry standards to help ensure that financial records are free of error, and lowers their risk exposure.

“MindBridge  Ai  Auditor gives us a scalable opportunity to tap into artificial intelligence technology without the up-front software and data science development costs” said  Kevin Wong, Director of Gilbert’s Audit  Practice. “As the first product of its kind to market, we hope to leverage its use to make our audits more efficient, reduce audit risk, and as a differentiator in industries practice.  Beyond   the   risk   analysis   of   100%   of general ledger transactions, we  are  in  the  exploratory  stages  of  determining  how  we  can  most effectively  incorporate  this  technology  into  our  processes, provide  deeper  value-added insight  into  our  clients’ operations, and open  new  service  lines.”

“We continue to gain industry recognition by welcoming reputable and leading-edge organizations like Gilbert Associates” said Eli Fathi, MindBridge AI CEO. “This is an additional proof point that artificial intelligence based audit analytics tools are adding tremendous value and competitive advantages to accounting firms of all sizes.”

About Gilbert Associates Inc.

Gilbert Associates Inc. is a full-service public accounting firm with offices in Sacramento and Folsom. The firm provides assurance, tax and accounting services, and a variety of management advisory services in the areas of tax planning, succession planning, strategic planning and board governance. Specialized teams coordinate services to non-profit organizations, trade associations, public sector, privately held business, insurance risk pools, employee benefit plans and individual clients.

About MindBridge™ Analytics Inc.
MindBridge Ai is a venture-backed FinTech company based in Ottawa, Canada. Through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the MindBridge platform detects anomalous patterns of activities, unintentional errors and intentional misstatements. Using the MindBridge Ai-Auditor, organizations across multiple industries can minimize financial loss, reduce corporate liability and enhance their professional judgment. For more information, visit

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