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MindBridge Continues Growth Momentum With New Strategic Hires

OTTAWA, Ontario, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the leadership additions of Matthias Steinberg, chief financial officer, and Mark Hall, senior vice president of global strategic sales, MindBridge is poised for new growth opportunities amid a tumultuous tech-industry climate. Founded in 2015, MindBridge is the world’s first and only AI-powered auditing solution that protects others by serving the human need for understanding business-critical data.

The caliber of MindBridge’s recent leadership hires has been transformational to the organization as a whole and furthers MindBridge’s objective to build a strong and impactful team of experienced professionals that will ready the company for new growth opportunities. 

Steinberg joins MindBridge as it takes a focused approach with significant investments in human capital designed to streamline operations, improve profitability, delight the customer base, and continue to generate well above-market revenue growth. Hall, formerly at Moody’s Analytics, will support MindBridge’s expanding growth as it continues to level-up product offerings and client services as the fastest-growing and most progressive AI platform.

“In Matthias and Mark, we continue the measured, disciplined approach to identifying, pursuing, and landing the human capital we see as structurally critical to setting the appropriate foundations to manage our growth today and to architect the blueprint for tomorrow and beyond,” said Leyton Perris, CEO and president of MindBridge. “In just the short time both have been onboard, we’ve already seen a fantastic contribution as their collective experience and wisdom injects just what was needed to advance our target operating model.”

In a time of a fragile global economic condition and unknown trajectory for the tech industry, MindBridge finished a remarkable half year which saw greater than 500% year-over-year growth. Along with the organization’s growth, MindBridge highlights the impactful events they have seen and are looking forward to in 2022:

  • In June, Danielle Supkis Cheek, vice president of strategy and industry relations, was named a recipient of the 2022 Most Powerful Women in Accounting Awards at the AICPA Engage event.
  • MindBridge will be participating in SAP.io Foundry Berlin spring program, including a mentorship with SAP executives and access to SAP® technology to gain new insights for the company.
  • MindBridge is launching its second-annual digital user conference, EDGE 2022, in the fall.

“We’re immensely proud of the first half-year performance, with particular highlights being the YoY ARR growth figures, a phenomenal series of platform releases, and increasing recognition across all markets and channels we serve of the measurable, demonstrable value of MindBridge and the underlying data science, AI, and machine learning that has made us the world’s leading platform for identifying, surfacing, and analyzing risk at a transactional level,” Perris said.

About MindBridge:

MindBridge is a global leader in financial risk discovery and anomaly detection that helps financial professionals access better ways of working by identifying, surfacing, and analyzing risk across broad financial data sets. MindBridge combines audit and finance expertise with data science and AI ingenuity to support professional judgment and serve the human need for financial transparency. As the volume and variety of financial data grow, MindBridge is the only solution that can scale for hundreds of millions of transactions with greater analytics performance and responsiveness, turning data into useful information for quicker decision-making. 

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