MindBridge Leverages Its Newest Data Anomaly Detection for Audit and Finance with Transparency, Speed, and Scale


MindBridge is delivering configurable analysis to expand the ability to work with diverse accounting, finance workflows, and financial data transformation.

OTTAWA, ON, MAY 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MindBridge, a leader in cloud-first AI financial risk discovery and anomaly detection software, today announced its latest global release focused on improving transparency, speed, and scale for financial professionals.

“Having the ability to quickly identify risk within financial data sets is providing greater opportunities for businesses to make better decisions and react in a more accurate and agile manner,” says Robin Grosset, CTO of MindBridge. “MindBridge helps ensure that organizations conduct their financial transactions in an ethical and transparent manner by surfacing potential financial irregularities and thereby reducing risk. MindBridge is proud to have delivered another strong release introducing several significant product enhancements within our platform to help organizations continue to benefit from MindBridge and our next-gen capabilities.”

New financial data workflow capabilities show how this new release will make integrating MindBridge into an organization’s approach easier. MindBridge helps create more consistent practical analyses at scale and builds upon the time savings and ROI that customers are receiving with MindBridge.

  • MindBridge is delivering three new financial algorithm analytics tests. MindBridge enables new insights using prior period comparisons with new visualizations to review and assess current and past performance.
  • MindBridge is providing further flexibility with new configurable risk scores to help assess account-specific risks and enhance audit sampling and insights.
  • MindBridge is expanding its performance for even larger data sets, improving its leading data anomaly, risk detection capabilities, and user experience.

Melissa Chan, CPA, Director of Customer Success adds that “With people, process, and data transformation at the helm of every business, this latest release helps MindBridge further extend our commitment to our customers with transparent and scalable financial analytics.”

MindBridge’s newest data anomaly detection allows firms and enterprises to step up their adoption of cutting-edge business-focused technology to become a leader in innovation within their service domains and industries.

All MindBridge capabilities are generally available for customers now.

For more information about MindBridge, visit mindbridge.ai

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