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MindBridge delivers another major update to its leading audit and financial risk analytics platform

OTTAWA, ON, December 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MindBridge, the leader in cloud-first AI financial risk discovery and anomaly detection, today announced its third major release of 2022. This release gives clients greater control over how they identify and categorize unusual monetary flows, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient risk assessments. 

MindBridge has enhanced the clarity and explainability of its proprietary financial Expert Score control point, enabling faster, more targeted responses to identified entries and transactions. This will help organizations quickly isolate the riskiest monetary flows within their business, supporting the broader goal of managing elaborate financial processes. 

MindBridge has also deepened a long-standing capability to analyze all of an organization’s inter-account financial flows. MindBridge users may now distinguish between different types of flows, ensuring teams have greater visibility into complex transactions. Combined with the enhanced Expert Score, these two capabilities enable users to better interpret and take action on results.

MindBridge has seen an overwhelmingly positive market reaction to its recent release of the risk segmentation dashboard, which allows customers to visualize risk scores tailored to their organization. 

“Empowering clients to tailor risk scores to their specific environment allows them to much more quickly uncover and analyze risks in their unique business processes while simultaneously identifying weaknesses in their existing controls,” says Robin Grosset, CTO of MindBridge. See how MindBridge can help reset your internal control framework.

In addition to capabilities such as prior period comparison analytics released in May of this year, and a new application programming interface (API) launched this past August, MindBridge is providing a wide variety of new product features and updates to support their clients in time for the start of the 2023 audit season. 

MindBridge continues to expand its financial risk identification capabilities to provide you with leading AI technology for stronger financial oversight.

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