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MindBridge featured in the Vector Institute’s top AI20 for 2023

OTTAWA, ON, Dec. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Financial risk discovery and anomaly detection software company MindBridge AI is thrilled to be included in the Vector Institute’s inaugural AI20 for 2023. Out of more than 1,200 artificial intelligence focused firms in Canada, the Vector Institute, a leading organization “driving research excellence and leadership in AI,” has recognized MindBridge as among the 20 that demonstrate how innovative AI enables new heights in efficiencies of productivity and output.

Alongside MindBridge’s participation in SAP’s SAP.IO Data & Analytics Foundry Program, recognition from Forbes as one of the Top 50 Most Promising AI Companies, and regular mentions in industry publications, MindBridge is proud to receive this honor as a company “putting AI to work in interesting and potentially transformative ways.”

“We have always been big believers in partnering with well-known, trusted organizations such as The Vector Institute to instill confidence in the value of AI and, by extension, MindBridge,” said Robin Grosset, MindBridge’s Chief Technology Officer. “For the same reason, we have undertaken the first-in-the-world algorithm audit from Holistic AI (formerly University College London Consulting), which certified our algorithms as free from bias, explainable, and work as intended.”

The Vector Institute had this to say about MindBridge:

The last few decades have seen an explosion in the amount of financial data – a situation tailor-made for an AI-powered approach. MindBridge AI makes it easy for auditors and business professionals to find the unusual financial activity lurking within this data without requiring advanced analytical skills. This is the foundation for a stronger approach to discovering, surfacing, and assessing risk that would otherwise go undetected and provides insights for forward-thinking discussions that support professional judgment. 

“AI-enabled science and machine learning used to be considered a nice-to-have in financial services,” says MindBridge CEO Leyton Perris. “Now, most see it as a need-to-have.” 

MindBridge is now a standard solution in any effort to enhance financial transparency and accuracy.

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