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Ai Auditor

Ai Auditor for not-for-profit

The only AI-powered platform for NFP audits

Introducing the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for firms auditing not-for-profit (NFP) organizations.

With rapid, risk-ranked analysis across all accounts and 100% of transactions, MindBridge Ai Auditor provides greater assurance and reporting than ever before. Ai Auditor gives you meaningful analysis and insights on specific programs while saving valuable time and resources.

AI built for NFP audit

Supporting multiple account structures, as well as NFP-specific ratios and Control Points, Ai Auditor handles concepts such as contributions, pledges, grants, funds, and restricted and unrestricted net assets. For unparalleled client insights and reporting, Ai Auditor provides customizable filters and automated generation of Statements of Functional Expenses.

Financial health checks for NFPs

Dozens of the most powerful risk-detection criteria on Earth work with you to provide a data-driven set of analytics and dashboards for your NFP clients. Ai Auditor uses a powerful mix of AI, machine learning, business rules, and statistical models to risk score each transaction, helping you identify potential spending issues, high-risk donors, and concerns around client expectations of programs—especially when budgets are tight.

100% data analysis, across entire transactions

While other audit tools only look at accounts and entries in isolation, Ai Auditor identifies unusual monetary flows between accounts by applying machine learning techniques to provide you with an unparalleled view into the state of client’s data. This arms you with the specific information necessary to better understand individual transactions, identify potential issues, and have deeper value-added conversations with your clients.

“Per engagement, we saved about a dozen hours of time which, over several engagements, led to significant savings in costs. But it’s not just the cost value, the quality of our evidence has improved as well.”

— Ai Auditor user for NFP clients


How AI adds value to your not-for-profit audits 

May 28th, 11 AM EST / 8 PST /  4pm BST

With June 30th approaching fast, and assumptions about our financial landscape changing daily, how can firms use MindBridge Ai Auditor most effectively for their Not-For-Profit clients?
Join us for an in-depth walkthrough of key Ai Auditor features that add new value for your NFP clients. The focus will be on mapping today’s business challenges to practical tips on how to use AI for analysis and reporting. 

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