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Ai Auditor

Ai Auditor for not-for-profit

The only AI-powered platform for NFP audits

Introducing the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for firms auditing not-for-profit (NFP) organizations.

With rapid, risk-ranked analysis across all accounts and 100% of transactions, MindBridge Ai Auditor provides greater assurance and reporting than ever before. Supporting both private and public NFP engagements, Ai Auditor gives you meaningful analysis and insights over material misstatements while saving valuable time and resources.

AI built for NFP audit

Supporting multiple account structures and NFP-specific ratios and Control Points, Ai Auditor handles concepts such as contributions, pledges, grants, funds, and restricted and unrestricted net assets.

Redefining reasonable assurance

Dozens of the most powerful risk-detection criteria on Earth, including expert-taught AI and machine learning algorithms, working together to analyze 100% of your data, including all monetary flows between accounts? That’s not some pipe dream for the future, that’s MindBridge Ai Auditor today. Welcome to reasonable assurance, redefined.

100% data analysis, across entire transactions

While other audit tools only look at accounts and entries in isolation, Ai Auditor identifies unusual transactions by also looking at the monetary flows between accounts, all credits and all debits, to provide you with an unparalleled view into the state of your data, arming you to better understand individual transactions and identify potential issues.

“Per engagement, we saved about a dozen hours of time which, over several engagements, led to significant savings in costs. But it’s not just the cost value, the quality of our evidence has improved as well.”

— Ai Auditor user for NFP clients

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