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MindBridge Q4 2023 Release

Delivering efficiency to audit and finance risk analytics

Experience the power of MindBridge’s advanced AI technology for financial and operational data risk analysis.

Enhance financial controls with AI-powered Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting (AiCFR™)

Our AiCFR solutions are at the forefront of innovation and are designed to make teams more efficient as a truly valued business partner within their organization.

Introducing Risk Monitoring to help you continue your AiCFR journey. Quickly assess risk changes over time when combined with the additional configurability and carry forward updates, allowing you to monitor populations with ease and drive a new level of transparency across the business.

Strengthen risk segmentation

In addition to bringing you four (4) new Transaction Risk Analytics products in 2023, this latest release enhances our platform with additional Risk Segmentation capabilities. These new features aim to drive a new level of disaggregation and focus, allowing you to update populations with ease.

API introduces engagement carry forward settings

Increase your level of automation using the MindBridge API. Enjoy the ability to carry forward settings from previous engagements. It is now easy to return more robust information about monetary flows to your business intelligence tools, or other sources of data collection.

Strengthen your financial oversight

Improve operational efficiency with MindBridge’s expanded AI suite of risk identification capabilities.

These MindBridge solutions and capabilities are available today. Read the release notes here.

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