MindBridge shows leadership in cloud security practices, announcing updated ISO and SOC certifications.

MindBridge updates cloud security compliance standards

We are pleased to announce that MindBridge has successfully obtained/renewed the following compliance standards:

  • SOC2 Type 2 & SOC3 Type 2 Attestations
  • ISO27001:2013, ISO27017:2015 & ISO27018:2019 Certifications

This is subsequent compliance for MindBridge, having completed our SOC 2 Type 2 Attestation in 2020 and ISO27001:2013 Certification in 2022.

Learn more about MindBridge and our security practices here.

MindBridge is the global leader in financial risk identification and anomaly detection. We help finance professionals automate the analysis of every transaction and focus on unusual activity. Obtaining and maintaining these compliance standards is a testament to our continued efforts to provide the assurance clients need around our Cloud Security and Privacy.

ISO standards, followed by companies worldwide, provide specifications to ensure products and services work the way you expect them to. What’s more, they help to improve customer satisfaction. This is an essential business requirement in a world where the customer’s voice is increasingly prominent.

Further, customers rely on our company to protect their confidential data just as much as they appreciate the core services we provide. MindBridge’s SOC 2 compliance, which includes all 5 trusted service criteria, demonstrates that our customers can rely on our services and validates our trustworthiness. 

If you are interested in learning more about anomaly detection for your external or internal audits, connect with us at info@mindbridge.ai or schedule a demo.