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The Globe and Mail: What does the audit of the future look like?

As it has with almost every industry, technological advancement is transforming the realm of accounting. Today’s auditors are relying on cutting-edge tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help them sift through vast quantities of data and pinpoint any anomalies for their human counterparts to analyze. Read more

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Fintech Times cover story: Brexit

In the wake of Brexit uncertainty, fintechs can offer a new lease of opportunity for commerce and liquidity. Hear from MindBridge Ai CEO Eli Fathi, on how fintech companies are set to thrive. Read more

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Ottawa Business Journal: Ottawa firms named to feds’ AI suppliers list

Public Services and Procurement Canada put out a tender in September 2018 to companies interested in becoming a pre-qualified supplier to provide the Canadian government with artificial intelligence services, solutions and products. The federal department recently posted its list of companies that made the cut, including MindBridge Ai as a Band 3 supplier. Read more

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CPA Trendlines: How Accountants Can Ride the Artificial Intelligence Wave

In today’s economic environment, it’s not enough to offer services in the same way that it’s always been done and hope that business will thrive. While technologies such as robotic process automation and cloud-based analytics offer a competitive edge, it’s artificial intelligence and machine learning that are driving significant change. Eli Fathi and Hitendra Patil

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ACFE Insights: How artificial intelligence uncovered evidence of fraud

Gary Krausz, CPA/CFF at Gursey Schneider LLP, and John Colthart, General Manager, Audit & Assurance, V.P. Growth at MindBridge Ai walk through how artificial intelligence analyzed more than $2.8 million in fraudulent transactions as evidence for the world’s first case of an AI-enhanced investigation of a real human CPA. Read more

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