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MindBridge Q3 2023 Release

Surface unusual Revenue Risk

Experience the power of MindBridge’s advanced AI technology for financial and operational data risk analysis.

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Maximize your audit and finance productivity at scale

  • Modular & Configurable – Provide time to value and more relevant insights
  • Risk Analysis – Identify interactions and measure inter-related risk
  • Human-centric Analytics – Scale existing resources and effectiveness

MindBridge is excited to offer a growing collection of solutions that enable risk and anomaly detection of financial and operational data, including our newly introduced Revenue risk analysis solution. In addition, MindBridge’s inclusion of its Risk segmentation capability into our configurable MindBridge AI™   platform, as well as extreme outlier detection in complex data sets, are providing further risk focus for audit and finance professionals to take action on key insights.

New Revenue Risk Analytics Solution

Introducing Revenue Risk Analytics, the latest addition to our financial risk and anomaly detection solution lineup which already includes out-of-the-box analyses for General Ledgers, Vendor payments and invoices, Payroll, Company Card analysis, and more.

This cutting-edge solution has been developed to identify unusual patterns that could reduce potential financial loss associated with revenue. MindBridge Revenue Risk Analytics delivers AI enabled value in the quickest time possible to assist in financial reporting accuracy.

Risk Segmentation now included in all our solutions

MindBridge platform is adaptable for unique risk analytics configurations that are tailored to your organization’s needs and methodology.

Risk Segmentation is now available across all MindBridge solutions. This helps control owners and auditors analyze the most relevant data so that they can assess risk consistently and respond efficiently to the unique risks facing the organization.

Move effortlessly from risk assessment activities to the underlying data responsible for driving risk and align your risk assessment to your risk responses and control activities.

Additional updates to the MindBridge AI™ platform

Further risk score enhancements have been made in MindBridge platform improving the sensitivity detection for extreme outliers. We have also made improvements to Dynamic Thresholds to surface the most important and most anomalous activities to the top of your risk awareness dashboard allowing users to cut through the noise.

Strengthen your financial oversight

Improve operational efficiency with MindBridge’s expanded AI suite of risk identification capabilities.

These MindBridge solutions and capabilities are available today. Read the release notes here.

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