How to grow your advisory services using AI

John Colthart

VP, Integrated Experience MindBridge

John Colthart

VP, Integrated Experience

Firms around the world and seeking their best path towards the firm of the future. Whether that’s providing more insights into the client’s potential risks or expanding coverage beyond regulated rules and GAAP measures, the future-ready firm must make strategic choices now to evolve their advisory and transaction services before their competition.

How can you use artificial intelligence to deliver effective advisory services to clients?

Join John Colthart, VP, Integrated Experience, for a guided walkthrough of how AI supports advisory services and what your firm can do to get there.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AI enables the expansion of advisory and transaction services
  • Strategic steps to take now to leverage AI and build future-ready skills
  • How to position AI-enabled insights to clients

By watching this webinar, you will understand the business case for moving to AI-enabled advisory services, including how AI strengthens your existing practice.

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How to grow your advisory services using AI

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