MindBridge named in Gartner Autonomous Accounting Hype Cycle
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MindBridge Partner Program

Work Better Together to provide AI Solutions to Customers
​ By partnering with MindBridge you can build solutions that are able to utilize established AI tools and methods to create value for customers. We want to work with you on building joint value for customer and ensure proper communication

Partners benefits

Augment your data

Comprehensively assess your entire financial data set and transaction volume. Utilize this methodology and 8 years of experience to build and augment your solutions.

Utilize the Leading AI Finance Risk Platform​

Build solutions with MindBridge to help create assurance of all of your financial data. Ensuring customers are not spending unnecessary money, reducing risk, and removing fraud from the equation.

Make use of your Data

Utilize MindBridge to make use of financial data that sits in the data lake without the need of teams of data scientists.

Build your expertise

Utilize the MindBridge education resources to get certifications and learn about how to better incorporate products to provide value for customers.

Integrate your platform

Access MindBridge’s API materials and documentation.

Amplify your message​

Build joint collateral and message to customers the value of your platform and MindBridge and the benefit delivered to customers.

MindBridge Partners

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