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Strengthen financial analysis and accuracy with AI

Equip your team with strategic insights using a cutting-edge approach to bolster financial accuracy. With MindBridge, your team can test 100% of your general ledger data and spot risks in less time. Unlock new business insights.

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Increase trust in your financial reporting

Higher cases of mistakes and fraud are destroying credibility and trust. With the power of MindBridge AI, your team has the upper hand in spotting anomalies, including risks of unintentional errors and potentially fraudulent activity.

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Enhance accuracy across your business critical data

Old processes and tools can’t keep up with big data. Using the MindBridge platform, you can test 100% of your data set. Your team can then view a summary of risks and filter results to dive into the data. This gives them more time to apply their critical thinking skills and thoroughly analyze all risky transactions.

Get AI-powered and unbiased assessments

Most teams are managing large and complex financial records with less. MindBridge AI complements existing auditing methodologies by delivering a neutral, data-focused assessment of your financials. So whether your team uncovers new information or validates their own findings, they can build risk mitigation plans with greater ease and confidence.

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Whether you are a risk management, accounting, internal audit, or financial professional, MindBridge provides a world-renowned platform that scales with your needs.

Out of the box, this is not a black box. Whether using default settings, or custom configurations we empower you to be able to understand complex business critical data all from one solution.

MindBridge provides next-gen anomaly detection and insights

Get time back. MindBridge identifies and mitigates areas of high risk with transparency and oversight for explainable artificial intelligence. Take your risk assessment to the next level through gap analysis of activity level controls and monitoring to ensure the accuracy of your reports for more informed judgement.

Work with a partner you can trust

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From the ways we operate our company to how we build our software, security is at the core of everything we do. When you partner with MindBridge, you retain control and ownership over your data and our teams work hard every day to ensure your data is protected.

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