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Kelsey Trevor

Executive Director, Human Resources

Kelsey Trevor
Kelsey is Executive Director, Human Resources at MindBridge, bringing strong business leadership and culture development acumen to the company. With extensive experience in human capital management, talent and succession planning, and a thorough knowledge of employment legislation, Kelsey is committed to developing collaborative and transparent workplaces that create lasting relationships between leadership, employees, and associations. Committed to the public mission of MindBridge, while remembering the past and preserving the core of the MindBridge vision, Kelsey brings a dedication to social impact and problem-solving to the leadership team.

An employer’s biggest asset is its human capital – having comprehensive and adaptable programs in place, that emphasize the weight of employee welfare and satisfaction, curates a positive employee experience. By facilitating this progressive work ecosystem, we ensure employees are engaged and thus, attract and retain this generation of top talent.