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MindBridge is the world’s leading financial risk discovery and anomaly detection platform with proven AI and advanced analytics designed to fit into your audit methodology.

More effective audits with quantifiable risk assessment

Analyze 100% of transactions and become more efficient at spotting risks and anomalies. With more relevant information at hand, your auditors can better understand the risk of material misstatement and design more effective audits.

Strengthen audit confidence and risk assessment compliance

Having sight into riskier transactions and data anomalies allows your team to focus their efforts where it matters most. MindBridge heightens your compliance with risk assessment standards by complementing your existing audit methodologies.

Deepen relationships with clients to level up your firm

MindBridge assists with improved performance allowing auditors to engage in data-driven procedures, and enhanced risk identification and assessment. These advantages put a firm in a winning position against competitors, and unlock the insights needed to focus on better audit quality.

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Customer story
Polaris turned to MindBridge Analytics to use artificial intelligence and anomaly detection technology to take the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal controls over financial reporting to a new level.
Customer story
By partnering with MindBridge AI for advanced transaction and risk analysis, KPMG is leveraging artificial intelligence to transform audits. This strategic move highlights KPMG’s dedication to innovative data analysis and MindBridge’s role as innovators in the auditing and finance sector.
Customer story
Align Technology is a global medical device company that engineers clear teeth aligners, intraoral scanners, and develops dental CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.

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AI for efficient and effective risk assessments

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From the ways we operate our company to how we build our software, security is at the core of everything we do. When you partner with MindBridge, you retain control and ownership over your data and our teams work hard every day to ensure your data is protected.