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Experience the innovative, proven way to enhance your assessments.

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More effective audits with quantifiable risk assessment

Analyze 100% of transactions and become more efficient at spotting risks and anomalies. With more relevant information at hand, your auditors can better understand the risk of material misstatement and design more effective audits. 

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Strengthen audit confidence and risk assessment compliance

Having sight into riskier transactions and data anomalies allows your team to focus their efforts where it matters most. MindBridge heightens your compliance with risk assessment standards by complementing your existing audit methodologies. 

Deepen relationships with clients by offering valuable insights

Augment your offerings with added-value services and have more-informed conversations with clients. MindBridge’s AI platform lets you discover areas of risk through its bespoke-for-auditors dashboard, and export reports for your clients.

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Join thousands of firms that trust MindBridge with their audits

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"...During expense testing in a client audit, the platform flagged a $1.67 transaction on the high-end of moderate risk, and that caught our auditors’ attention. We later discovered that the client had accidentally overpaid a supplier by $60,000. We would have never known if it wasn’t for MindBridge."
Crowe MacKay LLP
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“Instead of running a couple of queries on millions of rows of data, pulling a few samples, and looking at individual transactions, the MindBridge software is running a myriad of tests automatically. As an auditor, I can focus on exploring the data trends, the risk characteristics, and the stories that are being told by the data...
Adam Roark
Director of the Assurance Innovation and Methodology Group
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
Baldwin CPAs, PLLC
“[MindBridge helps us have] better conversations with our clients, which drives value. The response from our clients has been: ‘you’re asking better questions’. We approached one [a client relationship with a city] early about leveraging the MindBridge platform and asked for their data. One of our accountants was able to show the client what the analysis looked like right there onsite. It drove a meaningful discussion and provided more value to the client."
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Data-driven audit planning: The key to driving efficiency

Work with a partner you can trust

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From the ways we operate our company to how we build our software, security is at the core of everything we do. When you partner with MindBridge, you retain control and ownership over your data and our teams work hard every day to ensure your data is protected.

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