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AI for government finance: Understanding value & barriers

Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, shares in his book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” that artificial intelligence (AI) will perform 30% of corporate audits by 2025. While any estimate of change is just that, an estimate, the pace of change is governed by the benefits that result from the application

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Democratizing financial and audit analytics with AI

PwC recently shared that in 2018 alone, 12 zettabytes of financial services industry (FSI) information was generated, but less than 0.5% was actually leveraged by businesses. This financial data explosion comes from an ever-increasing number of ERP and CRM systems employed by businesses and their partners, gathering and consolidating different payment, expense, inventory, and maintenance

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How MindBridge is Increasing Auditor Assurance

Throughout my investing and business life, I’ve been amazed by the number of accounting scandals and re-statements that have occurred. The issue of regulatory oversight is raised in the press, but even with increased enforcement and higher penalties, a new accounting issue is never far behind, and it’s continued to get worse. Just look at

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