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Chevron’s financial data discovery with MindBridge: Insights from Edge 2023

AI- Powered Financial Data Discovery at Chevron * Keynote Over several years, Chevron has invested significantly in data infrastructure, human capital, and algorithm development to understand their data-driven business. Though progress was made, it wasn’t until Chevron met at the Gartner CFO Conference in 2022 that they discovered a truly scalable technology, delivering meaningful insights into financial operations. Attend this keynote session to learn how MindBridge has unlocked Chevron’s data landscape, helped prioritize high-risk business processes, and minimized unknown financial risks.

Staying ahead: Chevron’s journey in financial innovation 

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. At this year’s MindBridge Edge 2023 conference, we showcased the invaluable expertise of Ryan Mitchell, Finance Digital Delivery Manager at Chevron, a leader in extracting insights from vast financial data. Ryan highlighted how businesses like Chevron are leveraging MindBridge’s innovative capabilities to revolutionize their financial ecosystems.  

Whether you’re a seasoned finance professional, a part of an internal audit team, or just someone interested in the future of finance, this blog is your definitive guide to understanding what MindBridge can offer. If you missed this illuminating session, don’t worry— you can view the entire session recording or this blog will bring you up to speed on how to use MindBridge most effectively to navigate the rapidly evolving financial landscape. 

Why MindBridge? 

AI-powered efficiency in financial analysis

MindBridge provides an intuitive interface and pre-built data models that ease the often complicated task of financial analysis and auditing. Its knowledge base is not only technologically robust but also tailored to the nuanced needs of financial professionals. Getting started is a matter of a few data mapping exercises, which means you can hit the ground running. 

Innovative anomaly detection in financial data

Anomaly detection, a key feature in MindBridge, is a technology that many are exploring, but few have perfected. MindBridge’s distinct edge lies in its deep-rooted understanding of financial data, making it the leader in the industry. Whether it’s two-sided entries on the General Ledger or one-sided entries in payroll, the tool is equipped to handle the intricacies with precision. 

Harnessing advanced financial insights with MindBridge

While MindBridge excels as a means to semi-automate internal controls and audit efficiency, limiting its role to just that would be a mistake. Experimenting with different use cases, such as third-party shipping, vendor analytics, or payroll, can unearth anomalies and risks that you didn’t even know existed. The more you explore, the more you learn, and the quicker you move. 

Precision in defining financial goals

While it’s tempting to say, “technology can do it faster,” the key is to be specific about what “it” is. If you aim to improve the number of hours spent on auditing, then quantify it and prove it. Being clear on your objectives not only makes the implementation process smoother but also helps in effectively communicating the benefits to stakeholders. 

Interoperability: The future of finance technology 

One frequent concern is the fear of disrupting existing systems like (SAP GRC, or Sox hub.) However, the future lies in interoperability. MindBridge doesn’t have to replace these systems; it can complement them. You can still track your audit findings in a different system while using MindBridge to uncover these findings more efficiently. 

Transitioning with AI: Balancing tech and human elements

Implementation isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. User experience is critical for successful implementation. Therefore, treat your relationship with MindBridge as a partnership rather than a mere client-vendor interaction. Leverage their resources to support your team through the transition. 

Crafting a vision with AI in finance

Real transformation is not about replacing one tool with another. It’s about aligning your tools with your long-term vision. Do you want to create a continuous monitoring internal controls environment? Or perhaps a fully autonomous audit function? Having a clear vision and the support from senior-level sponsors in your organization can make the implementation journey not just palatable but truly transformative. 

Unleashing the potential of AI with MindBridge

MindBridge is more than just an AI risk and anomaly detection tool for audit and finance; it’s a platform that offers endless possibilities for financial innovation where the human element for decision-making and trust in an organization’s statements are paramount. By focusing on efficiency, setting clear goals, and aligning with a long-term vision, businesses can unlock their full potential.  

So, are you ready to explore what MindBridge can do for you?