Align Technology’s Internal Audit Revolution with MindBridge 

Explore how Align Technology is revolutionizing internal audit with advanced tools like MindBridge. Gain insights into audit efficiency, technological adoption, and organizational transformation. Perfect for industry professionals seeking to modernize their audit departments.

At this year’s MindBridge Edge Conference, we were privileged to host a fireside chat featuring industry leaders Kim Phan and Shakeel Nasierkham from Align Technology. A global powerhouse in the medical device sector, Align Technology is known for reimagining orthodontic and restorative treatments. But beyond crafting better smiles, they are also innovating the realm of internal audit, aiming to set a new gold standard for the industry. 

In this session, Kim Phan, Director of Operational Audit, and Shakeel Nasierkham, Director of Internal Audit EMEA, divulged the intricate details of their journey to build an internal audit department that is not just operationally efficient but also invaluable to the rest of the organization. 

Challenges and Milestones in Align’s Audit Transformation 

Shaquille and Kim started off by emphasizing the early challenges their Internal Audit department faced. From disparate data sets to antiquated processes, the initial conditions were far from ideal. However, through a blend of organizational will and a vision for what could be achieved, they embarked on a transformative journey. Through integrating tools like MindBridge, they laid the foundation for a data-driven culture, creating a holistic, seamless approach to Internal Audit. 

MindBridge’s Role in Accelerating Audit Efficiency 

The adoption of MindBridge turned out to be a game-changer for Align Technology. This advanced tool played a crucial role in accelerating their transformation. MindBridge was not just another piece of software; it became an integral part of the department’s operations. From reducing audit times to gaining actionable insights, MindBridge became the driving force behind the evolution of the department into a data-centric organization. 

Navigating Change and Tech in Internal Audit 

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The Internal Audit department had to overcome obstacles like resistance to change, technological limitations, and the integration of new tools into their existing framework. Despite the challenges, their perseverance paid off. Kim mentioned that one of the turning points was the realization that technology was a tool and not a magic wand. It became clear that the key to success was not just the adoption of technology but an effective strategy to use it. 

Cultural Transformation in Internal Audit 

A particularly exciting part of the conversation was how Shaquille and Kim stressed the importance of a cultural shift within the organization. Not only did the adoption of MindBridge facilitate the change, but it also aided in creating a culture of continuous improvement and openness to innovation. People became more accountable, engaged, and proactive, leading to an overall increase in productivity and satisfaction. 

Future of Risk Management and Audit at Align 

So, what’s next for Align Technology? Shaquille and Kim shared plans to extend MindBridge’s use into their first and second lines of defense and explore other MindBridge products. Shaquille emphasized that the consistent accuracy in their audits, facilitated by MindBridge, validates their robust risk management. This successful partnership marks a win-win in their transformative journey. 

Align’s Journey to Industry Leader 

The journey of Align Technology’s Internal Audit department is nothing short of transformative. They’ve moved from a set of disjointed processes to becoming what can be aptly described as a “state-of-the-art” Internal Audit department. The future seems bright, and it’s clear that the department is well on its way to setting new industry standards. For anyone looking to make similar transformations, Align Technology’s journey serves as a compelling case study. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how MindBridge can facilitate your own transformative journey, contact us today and join the ranks of industry leaders who are leveraging advanced financial insights.