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MindBridge General Ledger Analytics

Empowering audit and finance professionals with holistic risk identification
Provide audit and finance professionals with powerful automation tools that optimize efficiency, enhance control, and unlock new dimensions of financial oversight.

Why audit and finance leaders use MindBridge General Ledger Analytics

The Only Risk Analytics Tool for Audit and Finance Professionals

MindBridge is the ultimate tool for audit and finance professionals, offering advanced algorithms and data-driven insights to uncover hidden risks, fraud, and compliance issues. MindBridge equips businesses with precision and financial integrity, enhancing decision-making and efficiency of financial operations by reinforcing trust in accuracy and reliability.

MindBridge’s AI-powered risk discovery platform identifies anomalies and calculates risk scores for 100% of core accounting ledger entries, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and improving resource allocation. MindBridge moves beyond legacy approaches; enhancing auditor judgement, finance professional’s risk assessment and SOX programs, and delivers the most comprehensive insights to improve business outcomes and confidence.

Intelligent risk monitoring and automated controls of financial data

MindBridge’s cutting-edge technology brings unprecedented automation efficiency to your detective controls for the general ledger. By skillfully identifying anomalies and irregularities, our platform empowers finance professionals to streamline their processes, reducing manual effort and time spent on routine tasks. For auditors, supercharge your audits with evidence-based analysis that is cost efficient, easy to implement and effortless to manage.

Get time back. MindBridge identifies and mitigates areas of high risk with transparency and oversight for explainable artificial intelligence. Take your risk assessment to the next level through gap analysis of activity level controls and set up easy monitoring to ensure the accuracy of your reports for more informed judgement. Allowing you to sample less and discover more.

Expanding Risk Analytics Coverage and Focus

MindBridge provides comprehensive risk assessments across all financial data and transactions, offering actionable insights tied to previously unnoticed risk areas. This boosts business visibility and forecasting by addressing organization wide vulnerabilities in any-sized financial dataset.

Professionals in auditing and finance can expand risk analytics coverage across the entire business and general ledger by automating anomaly detection, saving valuable time. This efficiency shift enables a redirection of focus towards strategic tasks, fostering business growth and innovation. With MindBridge, you optimize financial oversight while amplifying your impact on the organization and target audits and populations with ease to deliver greater assurance.

Augment risk assessment across the financial statements

MindBridge General Ledger Analytics goes beyond automating Manual Journal Entry testing and empowers automated detective controls across all levels of the Financial Statement levels. MindBridge assesses every entry flowing through the general ledger using 32 unique algorithms across all imperative business categories like cost center, region, legal entity, and any other self-configured fields. Providing insights into risky transactions in an explainable framework empowers audit and finance professionals to enhance existing controls, audit programs, and risk management procedures to be data-driven greatly increasing efficiency.

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