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MindBridge Company Card Risk Analytics

Help uncover anomalies, spot trends, and safeguard company card transactions
Effortlessly detect surges in card activity for your business, confidently spot extreme outliers, ensuring the utmost security and financial stability.

Why audit and finance leaders use MindBridge Company Card Risk Analytics

Optimize Financial Oversight Beyond Manual Controls

MindBridge conducts a meticulous examination of your company’s credit and charge card data, aiming to not only ensure accuracy and compliance but also enhance the efficiency of finance professionals beyond manual controls. By skillfully identifying behavioral patterns that deviate from the norm for the cardholder, their role, department, or expense type, MindBridge automates detective controls over company card data. 

MindBridge surfaces irregularities and assists finance professionals in working smarter by automating the detection of fiscal inefficiencies and misuse that often elude traditional top-down analysis methods. Automating out-of-box algorithm capabilities, including testing account and cost center to categorize point-of-sale transactions, MindBridge unravels valuable trends across 100% of your credit and charge card data.

Make Intelligent Risk Analytics Part of your Risk Management

MindBridge conducts a comprehensive examination of all your transactional card data and can scale across hundreds of millions of data points. Pinpoint changes in amount trends on a given date, identify unusual amounts, and even track anomalies by day of the week or specific charge codes.

With no coding needed, or advanced analytics skills required, our approach not only helps you identify areas of unapproved concern but also empowers you to focus your attention where it matters most, enabling more informed decision-making to navigate your data landscape, driving both financial integrity and strategic clarity.

Deploy Company Card Analytics for Confident Oversight

With MindBridge Company Card Risk Analytics seamlessly integrated into your business operations, you can bolster your coverage and promote a dynamic risk assessment process. By harnessing these insights, you’ll gain enhanced confidence in the effectiveness of your safeguards against overspending.

Swiftly identify instances of policy violations and misuse, ensuring that your company card rules are consistently upheld. Use MindBridge AI analytics for timely interventions and a forward-looking approach to risks and unexpected events. Address business function issues and implement necessary corrections to enhance coverage across your organization.

Validate Company Card Financial Controls

The volumes of travel expenses can no longer be managed with manual controls. Line managers typically review the expense one by one generally by a certain dollar amount. It does not take into account are the trends, the types of expenses, locations, thresholds, and bundles, or merchant repetition. MindBridge Company Card Analytics leverages advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, to look at all entries where the benefits enable auditors to delve deep into credit or charge card transactions, surfacing patterns, anomalies, and potential risks with unmatched precision.

By automating complex data analysis tasks with MindBridge Company Card Analytics streamlines financial processes, allowing finance teams to make informed decisions more efficiently. Use MindBridge to optimize expense management, enhance financial oversight, and contribute to a healthier bottom line for the organization.

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