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March 2021

AI for remote auditing

Simplifying remote audit using AI auditing software

The explosion of remote work is one of the biggest shifts to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing rules and concerns of employee safety have forced many to settle into working from home. But what does that mean for the future of remote audit, and for the auditing software that makes it possible?

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Should you update your audit methodology? | MindBridge

Should you update your audit methodology?

Does your audit methodology need a facelift? When most people think of an auditor, they picture someone working away on a calculator with a gigantic stack of paper beside them. Invoices, transactional documents, payroll documents, let your imagination run wild. The point is, there’s always a stack of paper, albeit some have started to become

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Financial automation: The good, the bad, and the future | MindBridge
Finance function

Financial automation: The good, the bad, and the future

Well, it’s finally here. According to an article from Forbes Magazine, we have reached the age of automation. From AI and machine learning to financial automation and robotics, we’re officially an automatic civilization. Please, be kind to our new robot co-workers. Okay seriously, this is important stuff, even if we did all see it coming.

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